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Our Core Values

Gospel Focused:

The gospel changes everything! The gospel is ‘the power of God’ that changes not only unbelievers but believers as well. The gospel is the solution not only for our 'spiritual' problems but all personal problems (Col.1:16) and all societal problems (Gal.2:14). We are committed to bringing everything we do into line with the gospel.

Gospel Authenticity:

The gospel fosters genuine community. At New City Fellowship we will strive for deep, honest, healing fellowship through small groups and as a by-product of serving together.

Grace Conscious:

The gospel frees us to live joyful lives of service. We believe that the foundation for all that we do must be the gospel of grace – our absolute confidence in God's acceptance provided through his redemptive work as the supreme motivation and enablement for love and holiness.

Racial Reconciliation:

The gospel reconciles people of all races. God has not only reconciled us to Himself through the cross of Christ but has also made peace between all nations through the blood of Jesus Christ. As a church, we seek to model racial reconciliation and thus witness to the power of the gospel which enables us to celebrate the unity we have in diversity.

Joyful Worship:

The gospel moves us to worship the Lord joyfully. The gospel calls believers to join hands across cultural barriers and lift their voices together in praise of their Savior. At New City Fellowship of Atlantic City we strive for vibrant, celebrative worship with clear, focused preaching of the Word.

Outward Face:

The gospel makes us a church for others.  The gospel gives us deep respect and great hope for every non-Christian, and it frees and empowers us not to live for ourselves but for our friends, neighbors and associates who don’t believe. First, this means we will cultivate relationships with non-Christians and invite them to church (Lk.5:29). Second, we will welcome non-Christians into our midst (1Cor.14:23-25). Third, we will communicate in a way that invites questions, engages people in dialogue and takes a process (not crisis) approach to communication.

Love Motivated:

The gospel elevates love above all else. In all we do, whether its caring for one another or aggressively seeking the lost it is our desire to do it all for love. The gifts of the Spirit are always to be regulated by the fruit of the Spirit.

Church-Planting Commitment:

The gospel continually breaks out. To fulfill Christ's command to make disciples of all nations by planting churches. We believe that just as healthy disciples normally reproduce in kind, so should healthy local congregations.

Community Development:

The gospel renews the city socially.  The gospel gets at the root of social problems. Sin causes social brokenness – races, cultures, classes are hostile to one another. First, the gospel makes us humble, which heals the racial/nationality brokenness. Second, the gospel heals class brokenness by making people with means generous through the power of Christ’s sacrificial giving for us, and by empowering the poor to self-sufficiency through it’s hope. Third, the gospel is that Jesus has moved in with the poor and become a neighbor to us (Jn.1:14), and has become poor so that we might become rich (2Cor.8:9), in order to redeem both soul and body (1Cor.15) and in order to finally rehab the physical and social world (Rev.21-22). We will seek to follow Jesus as He heals the city socially.

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